About The Trip

The trip starts leaving from my hometown in Louth on the 1st of June. We will drive to Folkestone in the south of England to catch the Eurotunnel train across to Calais. From here we will drive directly to Bruges. This is our first destination. From here we hope to visit:

Bruges, Belgium
Amsterdam, Holland
Berlin, Germany
Poznan, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Krakow, Poland
Oswiecim, Poland
Czestochowa, Poland
Budapest, Hungary
Zagreb, Croatia
Venice, Italy
Bologna, Italy
Brindisi, Italy
Patras, Greece
Athens, Greece
As many Greek islands as possible.
Rome, Italy
Naples, Italy
Milan, Italy,
Monaco, Italy
Cannes, France
Marseille, France
Bordeaux, France
Madrid, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Seville, Spain
Malaga, Spain
Faro, Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
Nantes, France
Paris, France

We have three months to complete this trip which will finish on the 31st of August.

Our itinerary is unfixed, as for the first time ever I have been persuaded to leave the details alone and see 'where the wind takes us'. We have no idea where we will be sleeping each night, nothing is booked and between us other than English we speak fluent Polish and a fair amount of French - lets hope this is enough, or that at least we learn some things on the way.

We bought an estate Suzuki which we had to fit all of our supplies in for three months. We have no fridge, which means we must rely on a lot of tinned food and pasta. We will be living in a tent for the entire journey. Wish us luck and maybe we'll see you on the road.