Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 5

Saturday 5th June 2011 - Amsterdam

This morning we woke up to a lot of rain. Considering yesterday was so hot we spent half the day dodging sun spots and standing under barely leafed trees for the slightest relief from the sun, this was surprising to say the least. As this was the case, we decided to chill 'chez nous' aka - 'Big Green Tent in a field somewhere close to Amsterdam'. We've done so much walking on this trip already its hardly surprising that we feel the need to take a break this morning. I have beans out of the can for breakfast. It really is amazing how a little bit of rain can drain your energy levels and cause you to resort to beans straight from the can but hey, theres definitely something to be said for this kind of food. Living outside and feeling hungry makes all food taste so much better.

Eventually decided to head back into Amsterdam around 4pm. We caught the metro from Spinnerij to Central Station. Honestly, we spent a long time literally walking aimlessly around the city simply still gawking at the sights and activities going on in and around amsterdam. We found an old church in the centre of a circular road and stopped for some hot chips and a drink. A group of girls walked into the cafe after us and we immediately recognised them as some of the girls we'd seen dancing provocatively in the windows last night. It really does amaze me how different people can look in the light of day. They left in the direction of the Red Light District. We finished our food and walked around the back of the church to find even more windows with women dancing in them. I know not of any other place that at 8 pm on a Sunday, outside a church, this would be allowed to happen.

We picked up a weed leaf magnet with 'Amsterdam' on it as only would seem natural in such a place and headed home again sure that there is no place on earth quite like Amsterdam.

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